Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units?

An ADU is an accessory dwelling which is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential properties.   They have their own kitchen, bathing, living, dining and sleeping components and entrances.

You can create houses that are ideal for living and also construct something that is less costly than a normal house, in order to get the maximum value from your construction. Consider these units to resemble a cabin or a small house for your family members or guests.  We may have some suggestions that you haven’t considered!

Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

Do you need a little more room for your expanding family? Perhaps you want to have a cozy guest suite for your visitors? Alpha One Construction inc. will manage your home addition with style and efficiency. Accessory dwelling units can be added to your home at any time, but they must be built by a contractor who knows how to complete a project like this in a timely and cost-effective manner.

It’s never been easier to build an ADU in California. In 2016, a statewide law was passed that drastically decreased building permit standards and hurdles. You can now build a secure guest house on your property without experiencing lengthy delays or headaches. So, if you’ve ever wanted to build a bedroom above the garage or create a guest cottage in the backyard for an elderly parent, now is the time. Whatever your needs are, send us a call today and we’ll get you there. You can have a high-quality ADU that will increase the value and living room of your home.

Guest houses, conversions, and additions

On single-family lots, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are secondary housing structures. The word “guest house” refers to a number of different styles of “guest rooms,” including:

  1. Structures that are not connected to each other: The traditional “in-law unit” or guest house.
  2. Conversions that are significant: To offer homeowners more living room, garage and basement conversions are popular.
  3. Changes to existing structures: Attached rooms are built from the current structure.
  4. Add-ons for above-garage use: A space has been constructed above the garage.
Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

How Much Land Do You Have?

Consult with us to decide how much land you have so that you can design a structure that is the proper size. You’ll need room for electrical and water connections, among other items. A competent general contractor, such as Alpha One Construction inc., will assist you in assessing these factors and will provide you with the necessary information in building an ADU on your land.

The Design of the Space

If you want to let someone else stay on your property, you might need an ADU, a guest house or a pool house. You may need something that allows the in-laws or a family member, as well as your domestic employees, to reside separately on your land.   Also,  If you run a business, you could have special housing designed for your staff.   It all depends on what you want.  Consult with our team to be decide on how to use your space.

Accessory Dwelling Units –ADU in Los Angeles

Choose Alpha One Construction inc. for your Los Angeles accessory dwelling units, and we’ll help you save money on a room that’s ideal for the in-laws, your company’s staff, or overnight visitors. You can build any structure you like, or you can have something lovely added to your home or office that makes any new visitor feel at ease and welcomed. For a free estimate and to obtain more information contact us today.

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