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Does your home need a new, energy-efficient roof and a solar upgrade?

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Energy Efficient Construction Services Los Angeles

A more energy efficient home provides a more comfortable interior atmosphere while also saving money on heating bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We assist our clients in using renewable energy resources and assisting them in making informed decisions about greenhouse gas mitigation in their home building and renovation projects.

Our Services Include:

  • Weather-stripping and caulking
  • Door and window repairs and replacements
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Boiler and hot water heater repairs and replacements
  • Cool Roof installations
  • Solar system installations
  • Cool life exterior paint
  • Attic, wall and basement insulation
  • Replacement of obsolete HVAC systems
  • Landscaping

Our Services

It doesn’t have to be time or money consuming to live in an energy-efficient home. Alpha One Construction will give you an energy-efficient property that will continue to provide a return on your investment for years to come by remodeling some aspects of your existing home. We provide residential roofing, painting, HVAC, insulation, solar and new door and window installation services.


The Trusted Choice for Energy Efficient Solutions
Solar, Roofing, & Energy Efficient Upgrades

Windows and Doors

With new windows and doors, you can save money on heating and cooling while still increasing the value and protection of your house. Our energy-efficient door and window installation services are provided by our skilled professionals.


Let us install a cool roof system to replace your current roof. Your roof will be covered with a highly reflective material that will reflect more sunlight and retain less heat. As a result, your home would be cooler, lowering your cooling costs and saving you money.

Solar Panel

Are you fed up with the power company’s exorbitant peak rates? Our engineers will create a unique solar system that will meet all of your electrical requirements. Schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our sustainable energy specialists now to take advantage of a 26% tax credit! Make an investment in going green.

Cool Painting

Has your home or business’s paint job seen better days? Chips, cracks, and stains detract from the curb appeal of both homes and businesses? A cool coat paint might be just what you need to give your home or company a lifetime warranty against peeling, chipping, and flaking. Importantly, it will insulate your walls to save you money on electricity.

HVAC Systems

Investing in a new central air conditioning system not only improves your convenience, but it also saves you thousands of dollars over time and increases the value of your home. An air conditioner is a necessary appliance/product, especially in homes and buildings where the weather is hot most of the time.


California energy contractors have partnered with a variety of programs, America’s top financing firms
to make home energy upgrades more accessible for homeowners.
These one-of-a-kind projects include funding for energy improvements that have been approved.
Low interest rates and flexible terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years are available, with no prepayment penalty.

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We accept that the redesign or remodel of your dreams is not always financially feasible. If you’ve ever had a home improvement project in mind but lacked the funds to complete it, we can now assist you! We recognize that there can be a lot of uncertainty with lenders, terms, interest rates, discount points, application fees, origination fees, and penalties when it comes to financing. That’s why it was critical for Alpha One Construction to develop a straightforward, scalable, and convenient financing system that we could trust.

Financing Has Never Been Easier!

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