Energy Conservation Solutions in Los Angeles, CA

When you turn to the experts at Alpha One Construction Inc. for energy saving options in Los Angeles, CA, you can save money on your home maintenance. Your home would look better and allow you to relax with energy efficient doors or windows.  You can depend on us to complete every job fast, whether it’s a door repair or windows installation.

It’s not just about comfort and aesthetics when it comes to having good windows. They will have an effect on your family’s health and safety. Whether you want to install or repair your windows because they’re old and drafty, or you want to improve the look of your house, working with Alpha One Construction Inc., will ensure you get the best replacements for your specific needs.  Your replacement door and window choices are practically endless.

Types of Windows and doors we install

Among the types of windows we offer are double hung, casement, awning, glider, tilt shift, and bow/bay. You can also choose from a variety of swinging and sliding doors in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your needs.  Our highly experienced team will be happy to assist you if you are unsure about the design or material to use for your home window and door remodeling project.

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

In the San Fernando Valley and the greater, Los Angeles area, all of our windows and doors are energy efficient and Energy Star certified. This means that your new installations or replacements will pay for themselves over time by saving you money on heating and cooling. We accomplish this by carefully selecting frame materials, glass, and even weather-stripping to suit your climate, personal style, and comfort requirements.

Enjoy the peace and quiet with soundproof windows and doors.

You may encounter noise pollution in your home if you live near an airport, highway, or playground. Because windows exist in every room, old, loose-fitting, single-pane windows that vibrate when a plane passes overhead or a truck or train passes are perhaps the most significant source of noise transmission in a home.

Replace your windows with ones that have a high Sound Transmission Class rating to help limit noise coming in from the outside.

Alpha One Construction Inc., as part of its dedication to providing a solution,  can install noise reduction windows made of laminated glass, which also has the added benefit of security glazing that keeps trash out of your home.

Custom Products for our Los Angeles Customers

We understand that each client is special, and your home should represent that.  Alpha One Construction Inc. will supply the doors and windows that best define your personal style and aesthetic.  We will exceed your expectations for elegance and efficiency.  When you decide to remodel your home, we will design and install doors and windows to your exact specifications, whether they are for a new addition or a replacement project. For a quote, please contact our offices in the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles areas today.

Windows & Doors installation

Expert installations of quality doors and windows

Our installers are highly qualified and experienced in the installation of various styles of windows and doors.
At Alpha One Construction, we provide professional installation work to ensure that your windows and doors are properly installed in an efficient and durable manner.
The doors and windows we install are engineered to meet and even exceed California’s stringent indoor emission standards. As a result, we install customers with high-quality goods that are built to last.

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