Solar Panel Installation in Los Angeles

Installing solar panels on your existing home will not only save you money on your electric bill right away, but depending on your city or county, you might also be able to sell your surplus energy back to the city and make a passive profit on your house. We can also help you navigate any local government subsidies that may be available in your region, as well as financing options if you choose to pay over time. Finally, there’s no better feeling than recognizing that the electricity in your home comes from a renewable, sustainable source rather than relying on the broader power grid to meet your daily needs. We can install advanced solar power systems that can heat pools all year long in addition to standard home electricity. Roof mount systems, ground mount systems, home solar, and off-grid systems for fully self-sustainable homes are all things we’ve done before.

Zero dollar bills

Alpha One Construction, Inc. will assist you in realizing your vision of using solar energy to help you save money on your power bills in the long run. We are a full-service residential design and development firm that also offers solar energy services, supplying you with everything you need to fuel your home with renewable solar energy.
For a majority of homeowners, solar installation for the home is one of the best available solutions for lowering their energy costs to $0 by generating plenty of solar energy to cover your demand, being paid to export the excess, and avoiding paying for electricity.

Take Full Advantage of the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

Do you want to go solar and take advantage of the federal solar tax credit?

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, often known as the Investment Tax Credit or ITC, has been extended for another two years!

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) granted by the United States federal government is the best solar incentive available. This credit is accessible to residents and businesses in California, and it provides 26 percent credit on the whole cost of a solar system, including a battery system.

Solar Panels are the Best Choice for Going Green

If you have an old roof that will need to be replaced in a few years, we suggest repairing it before installing solar to prevent the system from being disrupted later. To improve solar energy absorption, nearby shade trees should also be trimmed. Your entire solar energy installation project will be overseen by our experienced solar power team.

We’ll figure out what size your machine needs to be based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The amount of sunlight available at the location
  • The tilt and orientation of the system
  • The efficiency with which the system converts sunlight to solar power
  • Other sources of energy – generator, utility, etc.

Our approach helps us to effectively manage solar power systems from the beginning, through installation, and during the system’s lifetime. For the life of your solar panel device, we provide you with a single point of contact to help you with all of your post-installation needs.

With our high-quality residential solar power systems, Alpha One Construction, Inc. takes pride in our engineering skills and ability to provide a safe and clean source of energy to our clients in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Please contact our office for more information on how to install solar panels in your house.

Solar Panels

Alpha One Construction, Inc.  has changed the way energy is distributed by offering homeowners, companies, schools, and governments an alternative to utility-provided power that is more affordable and sustainable. We continue to help people control their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint as a solar provider.

Switching to solar is simple and cost-effective, and you’ll begin saving money on energy as soon as you turn on the power. We’ve assisted companies, communities, schools, and other organizations with the installation of large-scale solar power systems to help them achieve their sustainability and economic objectives.

Solar Panel Installation

Our technological advances allow us to efficiently manage solar installations from start to finish, saving you time and money on your project. Our in-house software keeps track of each job’s progress and provides our team with instant digital access to your project plan, technical drawings, and original site survey capacity, enabling us to keep you updated and your project on track.

Every house, we understand, is unique. Our in-house engineering teams will build a solar power system that is customized to your home’s design and expected electrical needs.  Once the solar panel installation is completed and installed, we will schedule an inspection with the local building and safety department to ensure that the installation complies with local codes, as well as an inspection with the energy company to ensure that the installation is connected to the power grid.

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