Foundation retrofit

Foundation inspection for Homeowners in Los Angeles

The first step in residential foundation repair in Los Angeles is to inspect your home’s existing foundation. The majority of homeowners in Los Angeles invest in, repair, and flip houses, and a complete foundation inspection is required before a house can be sold. For homeowners who have observed significant signs of faulty foundations, Alpha One Construction offers free estimates and other foundation inspections. A foundation inspection will help you determine needed foundation repairs.

Learn about our foundation warranties and how we use cost-effective techniques for foundation repairs and retrofitting. Make an appointment with our foundation contractor for a free estimate today.

Los Angeles Foundation Repair Services

We at Alpha One Construction are a earthquake retrofitting company of your home in Los Angeles.

House bolting, also known as earthquake retrofitting, is a process that connects homes. It improves earthquake resistance while lowering the risk of injury. A fixed foundation adds a lot of value to your home.

If you need to sell your home or are just concerned about earthquake damage to your foundation, give us a call (818)793-1060 right now.

Residential and Commercial Foundation Retrofitters

Residential and Commercial Foundation Retrofitters

Alpha One Construction is the leading residential and commercial seismic retrofitting company in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, as well as the surrounding areas of California.  A protected home is one that can withstand earthquake shock pressures and is built with a solid foundation. The chances of your house standing up to the next earthquake are greatly increased by securely fastening your home to the foundation and firmly attaching your house components to each other.

This is accomplished by erecting and securing our house to the structure using a variety of anchors and straps. Straight and vertical activity is suppressed by these supports and bands.

For local homeowners in Los Angeles, CA, Alpha One Construction and our foundation bolting contractors work closely with them to provide affordable and sound foundation repairs and bolting services. If a major earthquake strikes Los Angeles, scheduling a free estimate for residential foundation bolting will help save your home. Is your house prepared?

We provide concrete slab foundation water proofing, earthquake bolting foundations to the house structure, concrete crack repairs, and slab jacking.

Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofitting

When it comes to foundation repairs, homeowners in Los Angeles County are under intense pressure to find the right contractor for one of the most common issues they face. Los Angeles is the epicenter of all seismic earthquake activity, and most homeowners’ foundation repairs are a never-ending project.

Fortunately, we at Alpha One Construction offer free earthquake retrofitting estimates in Los Angeles. Our specialist foundation contractors provide detailed estimates to help homeowners understand and correct foundation problems, whether you’re interested in foundation repairs, foundation retrofitting, new foundation installation, or even waterproofing your foundation.

Specialists in foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting

Foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting, home bolting, and other services are available at an affordable price in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Specialists in foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting

The Reasons We’re the Best:

Best Price Guaranteed.

Best Price Guaranteed. We understand that being a jack of all trades does not imply mastery in any of them. Our employees are all competent and experienced professionals who specialize in the field in which they work. As a result, we are able to maintain a high level of expertise while remaining effective. This effectiveness saves you time and money.

Estimates are guaranteed to be completed the same day. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting weeks for a quote on a project that must be finished right away. On any foundation inspection and assessment, we ensure a same-day estimate.

Customer service is really important.

Our priority is top-notch quality and excellent customer service. When you work with Alpha One Construction, you can expect nothing less. Our licensed professionals will communicate with you directly from the beginning to the end.

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