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In many ways, your home and the property around it depend entirely on hardscaping and mortar, and no two homes are alike. If you have an older home with unsightly and worn walls, or hardscaping that is crumbling and falling apart, you’ll need the help of a building contractor to convert it. You would also want to enlarge your living space and surroundings. You can count on Alpha One Construction to work on your house in Los Angeles, California, no matter why you need hardscape and landscape remodeling.

Driveway Sidewalks Construction Los Angeles

Hardscape Services in Los Angeles

Remodeling a home’s hardscape can be an attractive option. If you want to update your patio, extend it to the lawn, or redo the fire pit to make it more appealing and inviting for guests, then Alpha One Construction’s hardscape remodeling services are exactly what you need. You can talk to us for great ideas on how to expend or improve the look of your yard.  Alpha One Construction is happy to help you with any remodeling needs.

Remodeling the hardscaping of an older home is often thought to be a good idea for giving the place a new look and preventing future repair issues. If you have multiple cracks and bumps in your garden or entrance, it may be time for a remodeling project that offers full restoration.

For hardscaping services, contact the hardscape professionals at Alpha One Construction today! We can provide a full back yard makeover. Get a Free Consultation at Your Home!

Driveway and Sidewalks Construction Los Angeles

If you need your driveway totally rebuilt or just need to fix cracks in the existing driveway, Alpha One Construction is your best contractor in Los Angeles, CA for the job.  Homeowners appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our company is fully insured and backed by guarantees to prevent future setbacks and imperfect work.

The most crucial decision you’ll make is which landscape-hardscape designer to hire. Our team provides you with the personalized service you deserve while promptly resolving any issues. Schedule  a consultation with our landscapers when you want to freshen up the look of your outdoor space.

We offer homeowners a unique and effective designs that give consumers the precise remodel they want.

Choosing the Right Hardscaping Feature for Your Needs

Fire pits:  One of the most popular add-ons is a fire pit, which provides a great open space in your backyard during colder days.  People love enjoying cozy nights around a fire pit with family and friends.  With our assistance you can have a fire pit to your liking,built at your own home in no time.

Patio Kitchens:  An outdoor kitchen is a special feature that is ideal for entertaining family and friends. These kitchens can include a variety of appliances as well as seating areas, making them ideal for outdoor entertaining.

Pathways:  Every hardscape requires a passage connecting it to the building, and a new front door can make a big statement.

Gardens:  Adding a hardscape element to your garden is a wonderful way to set it apart from the rest and add a nice finishing touch.

Retaining walls:  Retaining walls are an excellent way to divide your yard’s various properties or to create a smooth transition between levels as well as provide you with the ultimate privacy. We can create a custom wall to complement your garden.

New Sidewalks:   If you’re moving into a new building, you’ll need to have new sidewalks constructed. The foundation of the house must be considered when building these sidewalks. Make sure the new sidewalks are made of the same soil-cement mix that was used to build the house’s foundations. Furthermore, they must match the driveway that you have installed in your newly built home. For the construction of these sidewalks, it is a good idea to hire a professional contractor.

Sidewalks Repair:  Sidewalks, like driveways, need maintenance on a regular basis. They will start to show signs of deterioration if they are not cleaned properly. Cleaning a sidewalk does not require much effort, but it must be repaired if it is damaged. Sidewalk repair is a specialized procedure that necessitates the assistance of a professional contractor. We specialize in sidewalk repairs at Alpha One Construction.   We’ve been working on projects like this all over Los Angeles for many years and our experience is unmatched.

Sidewalks, Driveway Installation, Driveway Sealing, Asphalt Paving, Chimney & Fireplace, Wall Installation, and Stone Paving are some of the services we provide.

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